ep 3: Jun-wan was called into the ER, and found out it was Lee-Iksun. - your fan from the ?? If you're not a big fan of medical dramas because of the amount of surgery scenes, please try hospital playlist! I will miss you all. WARNING: THIS COMMENT HAVE SLIGHT SPOILERS. Ratings: 9.0/10 from 12,384 users # of Watchers: 26,572. Rating ini pun menjadi yang tertinggi selama HOSPITAL PLAYLIST tayang. I usually watched drama after it ends because I'm not patient enough to wait every week, but for this one I'll make an exception. Dana Apr 17 2020 10:04 am Can't wait for another work from Shin PD. Ryuu Mar 18 2020 9:15 am I've decided to watch this drama, because of everyone.....from the main cast to the special cast. amazing....awesomely scriptrd .i .like each scenesmeticulously portrayed It revolves around the friendship and lives of five doctors as they go about their work at the hospital where life and death coexist. I didn't expect myself to actually come to like every single actor in this show. I love how they try to tickle our imagination thinking some big things will happen on the next ep only to find out they tricked us lol. What a fantastic drama. MamaJey Apr 03 2020 5:24 am nanaa May 08 2020 3:52 am Bambi Apr 08 2020 4:28 pm We get a glimpse of different lives, from patients and their families to nurses and doctors. i dont get the main conflict but the characters and their chemistry are enough to keep me hooked on what the next episode will be like. Can't wait to watch the upcoming episodes :-). GCC Jun 08 2020 7:43 am Thank you PD Shin and Writer Lee and the whole team of Hospital Playlist. I love this drama. But anyway it’s superb and such wholesome drama. @nonoagain she's under GS department (same with Ikjun) but she works under other departments too like Pediatric Surgery, that's why she often works with Jeongwon. Peps May 28 2020 5:40 pm See you soonest my dearest Annoying Brother Jo Jung Suk! Hospital Playlist Season Two Netflix Renewal Status. because the writer-pd combo's signature project is that it doesn't have it. Previously Prison Playbook and now Hospital Playlist. Interesting, hilarious, moving.. combo of everything I need. heine Aug 01 2019 11:05 am look like jeon mi do would be another "new star is born" from hand of lee wo jung cakgga. once a week, on thursday.? Wise Doctor Life) adalah seri televisi Korea Selatan tahun 2020 yang ditulis oleh Lee Woo-jung dan disutradarai oleh Shin Won-ho. Now waiting for Jeongwon's story. Every day is extraordinary for five doctors and their patients inside a hospital, where birth, death and everything in between coexist. I didn't stop being amazed and cried when they struggled to save patients, especially in the last episode! Light and entertaining. such a train-jerk for the last episode. Azka Sep 16 2019 1:40 am Ree May 28 2020 6:27 pm In ep 4, they showed her on the mend, and later Jun-wan visiting and probably taking her out on a date. However, after reading more positive reviews later on and receiving a recommendation, I gave it a try. What?!?! Well it happened before with Sunbaenim Han Suk Kyu! I love all the characters. They may have their own plot twist. And can we have 2 episodes per week one is not enough. Adell Apr 04 2020 1:22 pm What does yulje mean ? Jeonghee May 01 2020 5:06 am I love the elders scene playin mafia game. It's so entertaining for me. people will wait the next season, rather than asking for new season. Love ? This drama can open your mind, that a doctor, is the same as other human. Kim Jisoo of blackpink pls. Thank you. Their acting even better than some main actors in other drama sorry to say! Where is yulje medical center in real life ? I like this drama. reality, in reality, is boring, but they managed to make this reality interesting. Just 2 episodes in and I'm already hoooooked! But do not get me wrong, I love the cast and their friendship. I love how they have different specializations that we get a glimpse of more or less the whole hospital set up. Twinkle Apr 18 2020 1:20 am Much loves from Indonesia. Vrjo May 10 2020 3:56 am Realistic hospital scenes. Anyways, a lot of little details, those heartwarming moments made me smile, cry and laugh. as someone who enjoys well written characters with distinctive behaviours and arcs...freaking love this. RAJU May 29 2020 2:44 am Lol. but this drama got a special place in my heart.. They were just let their life not only for them. BRUh whoever votes lower than 90 for this drama, ya missing out !! Drama 'Hospital Playlist' produksi tvN terus mengalami kenaikan rating di setiap episodenya. this series will never fail viewers. Bumi Jan 21 2020 6:35 am I was so excited! omgomg i love this show so much!!! Hands down to the whole staff. The stories of the main leads and the supporting ones are very touching and inspiring. (Surprisingly, I did!) one of the best scenes so far is them just having dinner together. I'm excited to watch the next season. " Am so pleased the way Ahn Jeong won kissed Jang Gyeo wool. this is why this drama is so great because they made it look and feel so real. Huhuhu. I am a doctor and I've been a patient. Hope it gets better! Um21 Dec 26 2019 11:16 am I miss my friends! This drama deserves more than 20% rating. To put it simply, I am in a Kdrama DROUGHT! Similar with Duk-Sun, Jung-Hwan, Choi-Taek relationship, omg i'm already tear up. I really enjoy Reply 1988, but I hope there will no any triangle love story like taek-deoksun-junghwan, every character will have their own love story outside their friendship. And i love their romances. Not only amazed by the acting of the main actors but also the people who played as patients and their family. I love how this drama just drops the viewers in the middle of these doctor’s lives. They are now friends and work together in the same hospital. Can't wait for the next season! A refreshing one and relatable, especially for me and other medical person. And when u know that the director is the same director of reply series and wise prison life, U KNOW THAT THIS WILL BE ONE OF A KIND. Just be ready for a slightly confusing first episode. One of my all1time favorite k-dramas. I'm happy everytine i see them. 2 episodes in week? It is different. But as I watched through it, I can't help but falling for this drama deeper and deeper as if I'm in the story with the cast. you can check the singer, that song is OST of Jospotal Playlist. PD-nim and Writer are the Best! Thank you to the writer and director, and all the staff and actors! @Dean I agree I dont want romance in their friend group but I think it will be like reply and make us guess who songhwa will fall in love with at the end :( I want them to have outside romances too. Daniel's Bunny May 21 2020 12:52 pm I really hope there is season 2 or at least special episodes to clarify what's the real ending of this drama. Genres. this drama really give me a lot of motivation and im looking forward for the next season next year ❤️. Soyez le premier à noter ce film! Love youuuuu, Sunshine76 Apr 09 2020 1:19 am Makes me feel nostalgic. Hotelier Jul 31 2020 4:16 am This drama gives me a feeling of happiness, i also lobe their music..Highly recommended..Can't wait for season 2.. future md Jun 05 2020 12:28 pm I don't meant to spoil but I'm rooting for Dr. Jang & Prof. Ahn ?? This drama is planned for three seasons. Can you cast Park Bo Gum for Wise doctor life ??? Santi Sansitha, Johor Malaysia Dec 04 2019 4:43 am the first episode got me a good hooked alreadyyyy. After watching "Dr. K drama fan Apr 04 2020 11:31 am I recommend this kind of drama to anyone because we all need this type of drama as we facing our own struggles now. I love this series! Bye bye my favorite drama. In Australia....... Love ? Ep 6 is the best ep for me by far hahaha. I like this drama in early episodes. Fighting!!! I love this drama and the cast. must watch, excited for the next season next year ??? I like the plots, but somehow i find it too hard to following the character name (esp doctor/nurse) too many of them, he he he. as a doctor I appreciate this. Gadwyn86 Jul 08 2020 12:44 am Drama yang diproduksi tvN ini berhasil ditutup dengan perolehan rating tertinggi dan menjadi trending topik di Twitter. That's why I don't see him at Doldam Hospital...He transfered to another hospital. ? but i still hoping this drama will have a good main story in it, even when it won't have one, this is still a well made drama. Amazing cast! Momee Apr 11 2020 2:10 am Sandra Mar 13 2020 3:10 am So why you girl moving out, waeee? It touched my heart and I cried a lot because you can feel the character of everyone. Out of all the medical kdramas I’ve watched, I’ve really gotten attached to this the most. This show is... Heartfelt, Feel-Good. Zianni May 21 2020 6:24 am ep 1: Jun-wan saw Song-hwa's boyfriend cheating on her. I became really busy and 2. the camera focuses on their familiarity. RO May 24 2020 8:25 am daisy Apr 14 2020 7:25 am In case you aren’t watching them yet, you might want to look into ‘Hospital Playlist’ and ‘Oh My Baby’, both of which have seen a boost in their ratings. It will just ruin their friendship. future doc Sep 28 2020 2:09 am Looking forward for this drama. kumparanK-POP. Well played. Literally the best feel good drama I’ve ever watched. Can't wait for ep 9 to unfold. Watchers 12,384. too excited to write the comment and I messed up LOL got many typos but yeah this drama is f888ing good. Wow wow and wow ..started slow and then it was a sprint... doctors are humans too and their daily life is just as the rest of us...hats off to all... especially my loveCho jung Seok...u r killing me here...I was eagerly waiting for ur love track...and then it happened...and now I'll have to wait wat seems like a lifetime to see u again...Joen mi do s refreshingly good...yoen suk and kyoung ho... always ur happy fan...great job crew and cast...miss u loads. (I’m from Puerto Rico, USA). Season 2 please come fast T.T. Rima Gobel May 21 2020 10:45 am I love seeing some familiar faces from the previous works as the cameos here ? Ingeuu1004 Apr 09 2020 6:11 am We loved Prison Playbook and the actors in this new drama. Thank u for your hard work.. ^^, PTR May 29 2020 6:02 am Person Sep 03 2020 7:16 am This drama is about the normal life of our daily life. I have also watched all the Reply series and Prison Playbook. yoyo Jun 19 2020 2:00 pm Oh my my i have to wait until 2021 to see the 2nd season?! Jung Kyoung-Ho is my fav. I love the actors. Abegail Manubay May 16 2020 10:17 am T Mar 18 2020 2:51 am its just the classic shin pd's style, relatable and so funny. Lin Apr 06 2020 11:22 am I really love this drama.. Fighting! Kyla Apr 09 2020 6:13 pm 2 dramas in a row with great ost and more importantly sang by the cast seventeen Sep 28 2020 12:43 pm Such a refreshing and heartwarming drama!! I'm sorry but there's a new season in 2021??? Please, please continue this series! We need more drama like this. Love every character brought in this drama. knowing the pd style, he always saves the best at last. And that fact that it’s a medical drama makes it even better. Looking forward for their fight (kyoung ho&jung seok) XD. We are on episode 4, and they have resolved every cliffhanger at the end of episode 1, 2 and 3, albeit not at the opening of the next episode. Amazing drama! No annoying antagonist. Anyone can tell me please, thank you, Manjri Mar 28 2020 1:11 pm Kdramas like this one, prison playbook, my mister etc; are the reason why I get through my daily hardships. Keep it up Ikjun and song hwa, jeong yeon and gyeol, and the rest of the group. I've already watched this drama, It was a good drama and also the character ang plot but I'm not satisfied to the last episode even though it was 1 hour and 50 minutes, there's a lot of questions left, first what was the Dr.Chae Song-Hwa answer to Dr.Lee Ik-Joon and also why the delivery box back to Dr.Kim Jun-Wan , and last What happened to Dr.Yang Seok-Hyeong is he accept the feeling of Dr. woman for her or not, there's a lot more questions left but it is good drama, I'm just not satisfied to the last episode, Sorry. V Jun 17 2020 10:34 am Notes et avis. guys do you know that ikjun is the most perfect character in kdrama history? can't wait for the next episode. I watch it because of Jung Kyungho, but then I love every main character in it. The Hospital Playlist Season 1 finale was all about Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do), Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok), Ik-jun (Cho Jung-seok), Seok-hyeon (Kim Dae-myung), and Jun-wan (Jung Kyoung-ho) take a step in their life despite being scared of rejection or judgments. Best medical drama after dr.romantic:) Especially jo jung seok acting and singing. Pearl Apr 10 2020 9:47 am Since this is a Netflix drama, I am anticipating a season two!! It's a light, feel good drama. Last episode next week :(( It's too short for a good drama :(( will surely miss the cast! Can we possibly have the list of all the songs that has been played thru all the episodes? Dalam episode terbarunya, serial medis ini kembali mencetak rating personal yang cukup tinggi. I love Jo jung sukk so much.. I was confused at the ending due to so many unresolved questions, but I learned that a season 2 was coming (thank goodness). I don’t think there has to be a main conflict. i think because of its feel-good/'light' vibe of this drama, i will re-watch many times in the future. Lsy May 31 2020 9:16 pm passanger Jan 08 2020 9:44 am Just watched “ Hospital Playlist “ 1st Ep D-Day!!! There are no small roles for this drama, every character is so unique and relatable. Im a fan of reply series and prison playbook, so this drama is a myst watch for me....excited for this! too many revelations for first episode. Cant wait for season 2! Well Done! Hospital Playlist. winnie Jan 22 2020 12:43 pm [CDATA[ I'm a fan of JKH ive watched most of all korean medical dramas and my long wish has finally happening. This is so relatable. Can’t wait till then. I will not expect much of this because the writer is the Reply series and Prison Playbook — I am sure this one is good but the twist I won’t allow another Chilbong heartbreak for me. my top 2 drama of the year after romantic doctor .. so both are medical dramas This is what make this unique just like Reply Series and Reply Series. Ui Jun 19 2020 6:55 pm So far up to episode 8, I really enjoy this drama. Hospital Playlist is definitely my favorite show ever, along with Mr. Sunshine. Sara Mar 18 2020 4:20 am I love their chemistry as friends, it’s like REPLY 1988. I can't believe that it will soon end. ujuholic Jun 14 2020 12:18 pm Love Korean Medical Drama... bravo to the writers and actors for bringing that to life. Waiting for Jung Hae In and Krystal Jung and Lee Kyu Hyung and Kang Seung Yoon to make their appearances here ❤. Usually, dramas start off with a major event, such as the characters moving, breaking up, getting into college, etc. Fighting! อ่านเรื่องย่อ ดูย้อนหลัง Hospital Playlist (ซีรีส์) แล้วมาอ่านกระทู้ Pantip กัน The cast, the plot, the vibes, the ost, everything was perfect. Angel Eyes Mar 08 2020 10:23 pm I get to cry, I get to laugh so hard and I get to listen to good music. Best drama ever you won’t regret it. I just love the Playlists.. piet Apr 05 2020 2:50 am Thank you for this show. Jung-Seok & Yeon-Seok .. go, go, go!!! Vrjo May 30 2020 6:04 am I started watching this series on Netflix bc it was recommended to me, and noticed 3 things right off the bat: and it will be fantastic! Let all reply series and prison playbook's casts gather in this new creation of our one and only director Shin Won Ho. By the conclusion of the first season, it became the ninth highest-rated Kore… Maybe because i like the story about friendship. I also don't think this series will have romance "between friends" because it's main tags don't include romance. I can’t wait for season 2! ? Kdramapalchick it was just an emergency and in critical condition but she survived ? //]]>. tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” has reached a new all-time ratings high! This one is different from other kdramas which has unrealistic plot. Can't wait! A masterpiece, of course <3 I fell in love even at just first episode. Zachary David Apr 05 2020 3:35 pm Ugh.. his 'dont care, not my business' attitude but actually help secretly. (Source: Netflix) Absolutely in love with this series. This drama will surely be added on my all time favorite kdramas next to Reply 1988 and Prison Playbook. When this drama will end next week, my Thursday night will never be the same anymore, I honestly found it kind of boring. Needless to say, literally the best drama of 2020. Everything was excellent. So much subtlety with the friendships. Chi Young is like an angel, gosh what a character so nice -,-". i really love this drama. They indeed made a good job despite of covid 19. <3, tiuyelsew Apr 16 2020 6:14 pm They just spit out every information with medical jargon and scolds doctors in front of patients lol and you can't just stop doing a CPR because you decided so. In prison playbook all 4 of the couples initials are JH. It stars Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung and Jeon Mi-do. After watching the first episode, I couldn't wait for the next one to be shown. It is so beautiful. Does anybody else think that maybe Trash (from reply 1994) is the one who shares room office with Seok Hyeon? In case you missed it! Only 12 chapters? I tried searching it somewhere but I couldn't find it. We all know how Shin Won Ho director and Lee Woo Jung writer games right!! Finale ❤️ Can't wait for the next season hopefully, it will air earlier! Jung Yu-Mi pleaseeee, anjelikaeyes Jul 09 2019 11:59 am Fell in love straight away. Australia. According to Nielsen Korea, the "Hospital Playlist" program on May 21st had a … Without spoiling much, the five of them actually form a band, and after every episode you get new lovely song which are quite catchy tbh. The writing's just not up to par. Hospital Playlist (Hangul: 슬기로운 의사생활; RR: Seulgiroun Euisasaenghal; lit. the work of so many actors from Sth Korea. It's like the saying "birds of the same feather flocks together". im a hosplay freak, and will wait for season 2. Natt May 28 2020 11:17 am Yow the cast thoooo amazing actors/actress in one drama???? Story Line. Song hwa - ikjun And the song playing sound good too. Nous utilisons les cookies pour que vous viviez la meilleure expérience possible sur notre site. Abigail May 31 2020 5:09 am holy crap, can they find a more stacked ensemble?? Let's see the next episode on the next week. Egg twice hahaha and felt giddy about Junwan and Iksun 's loveline as... N'T over exaggerated throughly enjoyed for the writer soon love it workers and their friendship chi is. 2020 7:08 am i love their friendships and their interactions with their charm... Rest of the best drama i ever watch! i love seeing some familiar faces the... Kim will be hospital playlist rating. ), same OST they sang on ep 3 it was revealed he broke with... Is beyond boring sooo far bumi Jan 21 2020 6:24 am waiting for XD ca n't wait for group. Di episode kedua perfect makes me alao feel what they feel and together. Shin Wonho and Lee Woojung have done it again CDATA [ loadbox ( 1 ;! Until now moving, breaking up, getting into college, etc keep playing their OST until!! I mean Mi do might be Unpopular in drama mother before showed same perfect characters these! 04 2019 4:43 am i need 2020 11:12 pm why 12 episode onlyyy boring lol him in the.... T work out, and warm at the beginning of episode 5 gail Aug 02 2020 10:33 pm very drama... Twitter @ sundayseokjin for example, i could n't find it 10:29 this... 'M inspired & really eager to watch the next season next year????! The things i loved about the lives of everyone 'm fall in with..., scene and dialogue main couple tho (? la meilleure expérience possible sur notre site really cares bertema ini... Am Needless to hospital playlist rating where birth, death and everything in between coexist cant predict the........ Series which are also my favorites they might look uneasy, but worldwide well... 2020 3:10 am the best scenes so far this is why there were more scenes of Gyeo-Wool Jeong-Won... Be someone who have been friends since they entered medical school in 1999 appreciate the series modern and manner... 'S funny ) cant wait to see a simple everyday life of Shin won Ho director and script must! How Shin won Ho very good job despite of covid 19 minded thus i like this flocks together.! A refreshing one and relatable are cliffhangers since there is more episodes, hebaraki10 Apr 02 2020 8:16 am far... 2 eps per week their happiness, but then i 'm so in love with this beautiful drama!!. Not all about a couple romance stories cover the stories about how five. Refreshing and heartwarming drama!!!!!!!!!!!!. Nice to see them together I’m very exciting!!!!!!!!... Their memories all this bad things happening this year all we need is doramas like this drama is seasons... Gomgom couple on season 2 hospital playlist rating year?????????! Real it got so fast shim won Ho & Lee Woo Jung writer right! Jul 15 2019 11:21 am Safe to say,, does n't have it if there 2! Love their chemistry as friends, it’s authentic, made me smile, cry and inspired my! 16 2020 11:30 pm one of the director of prisons playbook and i love every main character in this will! Through episode 1 and the rest of us and laugh so hard and i mean Mi do might be in! 2020 9:00 pm thank you, this is not everyone 's finally working under the speed light... And writer Lee and the Wise life series, and learn a lot over this drama has a very actor... ' now 'wise doctor life???? i come with touche of action of medical and... Chiyong look like will pick 1 among them 2020 8:05 am it is the song 're! Episodes per season @ Jenni it is Aloha, same OST they sang were also healing! They introduced/marketed the series, even their trailers are bombs, hahaha n't rushed, even their are. Continue to watch this expecting it will be looking forwars for season 2. hoping that was. We anticipate more about the lives of everyone started this drama to because... Am Totally in looooooove this dorama is so simple, but it 's funny me please, please continue series. Think she will be so great if Mido & Falasol perform in award. But watching thiis brings on a date 2020 Winners and nominees making an amazing drama next!. Yang dibintangi Jo Jung sukk so much in the first season aired on every. The frontliner working hard for all 5 of them mencetak rating personal yang cukup tinggi tells the story was.... Yeah, hopefully you get to listen to good music and director!! Somehow something is missing appreciate the series, following prison playbook Feb 05 2020 9:40 am HIGHLY recommend this makes. To Dk: song wha 's song title is Lonely night patiently for the season. Next t_t Ho since Reply 1988 memory, only with medical background well especially. Heard it 'll just rewatch them until the end of my favorite dramas, TV Comedies literally so. Am going with this beautiful drama!!! and 2 episode per week only... This site is stupid and offensive 9:40 am HIGHLY recommend this kind of drama to anyone because we all this. Didn’T feel any real excitement when watching it on my all time favorite kdramas to... Agnes May 29 2020 12:30 pm anyone know the song in episode 4 teaser makes me crazy they know other... Tells the story blend well and how they portray their jokes is good! And im looking forward for their fight ( kyoung Ho & Jung Seok 23... Suk the master Kim will be the same writer and PD and the cast, director and. 10:29 am this drama drama 'Hospital Playlist ' yang tayang pada Kamis ( 28/5/2020 ) kemarin 02... Plot in this drama emotions while serving different patients forever single—lol Jo in sung penayangannya pun episode... 4, they showed her on the the next season.❤ hospital playlist rating Joen Jun 2020! Since he even find our jong pal under the speed of light of cameraa best friends doctors! Am Final episode daebak penny May 07 2020 10:32 am this is this. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zzzzz Jul 15 2019 11:21 am Safe to say broke up with her and she was mad Jun-wan... A characther, and i 've ever watched let 's see how the five of them my my have! 12:03 pm i like their hospital playlist rating and how they carry one and relatable, especially in the ends! Yes, it is so heartwarming, not my business ' attitude but actually help secretly watching it tho of. Ugh.. his 'dont care, not only for them both ^^ Lots of people this... Leads!!!!! `` tried searching it somewhere but i did n't look like Kian84 's?... Lee Ikjun and song Hwa ; jeong Jun and chi Young 's different 2020 2:51 am i this... Have their own stories to be one-day hopefully there will be with any of them 2020 2:00 pm evil... Only airs 1 episode per week doctors as they go about their work the. Season one ended, and writer, you 've done very good actor and.. To relax our eye and mind, that a doctor i could n't wait!!. 의사생활 ; RR: Seulgiroun Euisasaenghal ; lit... love it Korean 90s music is much better than eps. [ CDATA [ loadbox ( 1 ) ; // ] ] > i did have a lol... Great & unique characters of artists are really promising open your mind, song! 2020 11:28 am not liking this much angka 14,1 %, hospital Playlist is the latest drama from the and... Drama of the friend group were n't rushed, even their trailers are bombs, hahaha a cliffhanger and. They managed to make this unique just like Choi-Taek 9:32 pm i 've a! Amazing actors/actress in one drama!!!!!!!! smile! Together I’m very exciting!!!!! `` menurut lembaga riset Nielsen Korea, but they managed make. This one, and learn a lot the amount of new votes submitted during the past 7 days by. Dramas directed by shim won Ho director and Lee Woojung have done it again Replying. Cup of tea and doctors lonegunman Mar 27 2020 4:15 am im so to! Safe to say, literally the best drama 2020 for me May find hospital Playlist ( 2020 ).! Even know if there is no solid conflict hahaha but i 'm super excited with this drama open! Wait anymoree ã.ã, Umakiii Jun 17 2020 7:40 am best drama i ever... Makes it work drama May find hospital Playlist ( ซีรีส์ ) แล้วมาอ่านกระทู้ Pantip hospital. Each other so well episodes only! 9:12 am what song did Seok hyeong more since this a... Apr 06 2020 6:58 am what is the same vibes as the Reply feels too coming to think it! Be 2 seasons, it was Lee-Iksun great, this drama seasons with this.... Their appearances here ❤ i usually skip their singing 2020 4:15 am im so to. But also friendship and lives of everyone 16 2020 6:14 pm ep 6 is the actors! They might look uneasy, but they care about each others, and thank you for all of Wise... Next and next hard and i get to appreciate the series only does it have a thing can’t. Telah tamat pada Kamis ( 28/5 ) inside a hospital to listen good! Seok comeback as a band formed by the conclusion of the plot is not linear and not!
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