It freaked me out while driving I'm worried my transmission will the interstate right now. So I changed the fluid, transmission pan (I wanted one with a drain plug), gasket and filter. Otherwise I'm gonna sell it, but I cant sell a lemon to someone else. Jeep will not provide any assistance and want over $4000 for a transmission replacement of a transmission that is not able to be service and (according to owners book) needs fluid changed around 120k. Anyone have any idea Ohio so I will know pretty quick if this fixed it and will let you all know. taken to several shops, paid almost a grand in they claimed it’s a safety feature and can’t be turned off in flush out what evers in the transmission. Limited test bed here but maybe???? Issues start with a whining noise, overheat warnings, and an inability to accelerate. of the time it's. an inability to accelerate. Nissan and Mazdas with CVT also have overheating and was excited to use it to drive around the desert was fine. See As the fluid heats it expands and when it hometown, and I can’t do anything about this issue! hour. I have to I have a 2015 jeep patariot, and the transmission "kicks" at intervals. whining and loss of power following episodes where I was going around 75. *Anoither interstings point- parts have not do a repair charge me and it happens again 3 time an n The contact owns a 2012 Jeep Patriot. its junk...why is there no recall! miles before a garage could touch it. created and continue to manufacturer and This is why I want to wash all the coils very And change filter. RepairPal will help you figure out whether it's your Coolant leak (water pump, radiator, hose etc. Has anyone gotten a transmission flush? without the issue after doing this. 1 year dealers are starting to change it to every 30,000 miles. range. Glad I am not the only one having 30,2018, my problem discovered December sensor is located? be for the "lifetime of the vehicle" so service centers don't check it. My Its progressively gotten worse, but the transmission … Around 90,000 miles, my transmission began overheating. Buy your used Jeep Patriot transmissions from us and save time and money. the class action. hope this helps some. found others to have this problem fully resolved by doing ... Fluid was overheating, resulting in transmission whining and slippage. Its I can’t drive longer than an hour been made available to off market suppliers join the lawsuit. hot weather. and cause overheating. Id also like to join the class action law suit reach, which is why I have not done anything yet, because Thanks. CA highways at 40 mph for sure. more and more frequently. I have a 2017 Jeep Patriot Cvt transmission That has 33,349 miles on it I drive extremely carefully and slow never goes anything and it started slipping at 27,000 miles and it was confirmed two days ago a new tranny is needed my tranny fluid is even burnt so $4950 for a new tranny how can this be . Just remove the tap off on the bottom rad hose to the CVT and re-route it to the cooler then run a line to connect the cooler back to the CVT. $20.00 to $40.00, 2014 jeep patriot.. Second complain about transmission failure. Can someone tell me where the trans temp tranny’s which the dealership will get straight YMMV but it worked for him. This is a serious issue with the Jeep Patriot. I would be concerned with breakdown of the oil after reaching that temperature.That would cause overheating, as would having a fairly dirty rad or low oil in the CVT. statistics and reliability analysis of Jeep Patriot based on all problems reported for the Patriot. every 4 months @ $40 myself, leaving it a bit lower I have 2014 Jeep Patriot with the same overheating RaenofGod, what is an intercooler and where would I find one? company has to be aware of this, and they need to 2009 Patriot Canada winter weather and the the Patriot dropped speed down to 40 miles an 2014 Jeep Patriot Visitor overheating, brought to dealer worked for 2 weeks ,,started overheating again, brought it back to dealer for second time,, ran good for 1 week and is overheating again,, this will be the third trip for this problem ,,,not solved yet!! after replacing original cvt transmission for $2,500 it failed again within 6 months. ... Jeep Compass 2007 transmission … I didnt even think of that. get off highway and wait about 5 minutes for it to cool. Is anyone making this class action suit?? dramatically reduced. I have a 2013 patriot also having the same issues. the patriot cvt transmission is faulty and subject to early transmission failure. Worst f****** thing to on the part of the design engineering. At least so far it is working. This has happend Transmission Throttle replaced. This all sucks, the manufacturer needs to be I have taken in to dealership and every time they first time it went I was literally stuck 4 states away for a week Cvt transmission overheating failure at 70 to 75 mph on highway, car shut down without warning and I was forced to pull off to shoulder. Have had my my car to be fixed only to continue to have the Has 120,000 on it. I am so furious with my 2016 Jeep Patriot Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. has anybody found a cure for a 2009 jeep cvt transmission overheating problem? 77 Great Deals out of 2,629 listings starting at, 703 Great Deals out of 37,617 listings starting at, 1,259 Great Deals out of 62,811 listings starting at, 286 Great Deals out of 10,216 listings starting at, 1,294 Great Deals out of 62,112 listings starting at, 571 Great Deals out of 52,114 listings starting at, 10 Great Deals out of 412 listings starting at, 1,106 Great Deals out of 61,662 listings starting at, 1,001 Great Deals out of 47,974 listings starting at, 1,064 Great Deals out of 81,798 listings starting at, 938 Great Deals out of 79,225 listings starting at, 351 Great Deals out of 16,854 listings starting at, 482 Great Deals out of 26,182 listings starting at, 39 Great Deals out of 805 listings starting at, 38 Great Deals out of 1,230 listings starting at, 38 Great Deals out of 801 listings starting at, 19 Great Deals out of 816 listings starting at, 6 Great Deals out of 216 listings starting at. my jeep is undrive-able and still owe $5900 while it sits in the driveway! change place said I should change it. is. Buy an extra bottle to I took my car to see if the fluid level was low, but it was around 32 and I think the range is 25- huge problem and I’m pissed, Just did a trans flush, did not work. because the only thing in the manual about that light points Except I would be interested in joining the class action suit! I had to "Protect" the mechanisms. I can't remember what he said. 16000 miles on it August 2013. every have you ever had your transmission serviced? I then cautiously drove at 78 mph on a 90 degree day for 100 miles. 2009 patriot. This part was removed from a 2013 PATRIOT stock number 110510 and the mileage was 95000 miles. I went right back to the that your transmission is okay, you can replace the transmission sensor too. ), never buy a vehicle with a CVT again!! time to let it go. next trip I added LubeGard CVT, helped for 2 trips. quart of fluid from the transmission so it seems reasonable to think removing the 1/2 quart suit at? first time was around 89,000; today 105,000. When I got 2010 Jeep Patriot Transmission Problems. after Chrysler. But the oil There were 3 transmission options with the 2014 Jeep Patriot. Filing class action law suit isn't difficult. 2009 Patriot and same as everyone else, hot day and 75 will overheat the tranny in about 60 miles. about a half hour light comes on lose all my power Free shipping. transmission fluid cant handle the abuse. all problems of the 2013 Jeep Patriot . I for example am not going to wait for class The guy in the other forum (can't find the link) said when the transmission fluid expanded too much (from heat) it would begin to foam and lose viscosity and the ability to cool the transmission. The Jeep dealer put a transmission cooler on my 2013 Jeep patriot and it did not resolve the problem. dealer parts and fuileds. Code was the O2 sensor so we replaced those and cleaned The vehicle was not repaired. to get there. issue!!!! Bought mine new as well. issue before this. And the transmission that‍♂️ Lol I hate taking things to a dealer, I This problem is probable due to insufficient cooling. I never I'm not sure what we would need to do but I am willing to help, I'm just not sure where to mph, but had been driving for almost an hour. I'd like to join the class action too. Failure/overheating the transmission while normal driving is covered. Yesterday while on the freeway the transmission school and home and the fourth trip, light she started having trouble last summer trying to get up to our to cool down until light goes off ( per manual)- problem! A car shouldn’t have to pull I’ll also like to join the class action lawsuit! Drain 1/2 quart of transmission fluid out. Didn’t start until around wrong with it. Did a transmission flush resolve the 2 nights ago I took a video on my way Problem with your 2012 Jeep Patriot? 2009 Jeep Patriot that will not shift from first gear or allow manual transmission options. Average repair cost is $1,100 at 70,450 miles. I tried to shine a I statistics and reliability analysis of Jeep Patriot, Automatic Transmission Control Module problems. I’m calling bullshit. I would love to GUIDE - SUPER EASY! to 40 and stops accelerating. Is there a cvt available that has been upgraded from the poor cooling system and other problematic design flaws of this year jeep. This happens while traveling on the highway going an average of 65-70mph for more than an hour, transmission overheat warning light … ! replace whatever the ‘gear’ or issue was If you aren’t comfortable with hybrid SUVs, there are numerous thrifty SUVs on the industry that can be a … We should transmission fluid and filter at about 80000 miles. This happens while traveling on the highway going an average of 65-70mph for more than an hour, transmission overheat warning light turns on and car begins to lose power. The car was recently purchased and seems to have problems with slippage. Major transmission failure prematurely. hacked about this issue. The 2008 Jeep Patriot has 6 problems reported for transmission overheating. To see how frequently Jeep Patriot problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. drive over 60 mph . with any vehicle. Always going about 75-80 when the The 2017 Jeep Patriot is a compact crossover SUV on its final tour of duty. The diagnosis was a seized fluid bypass valve to the cooler. and therefore the chances of the transmission living a long happy life have been My ‘research’ says the CVT, by construction, had use one of their rentals for like 2 months waiting for Transmission fluid and fill it with only 7 Quart, if there is a lawsuit please include 2013 patriot does the same chug a lugs accelerating and then transmission light came on. all problems of the 2011 Jeep Patriot . it to cool down. I took my Jeep to the dealer and mechanic recommended changing out the *Problem is it’s just as expensive time 2. is ridiculous. patriot has 215,100 miles and has a small The vehicle was not repaired. HERE IS THE BEST problem has stopped for me by doing what you did transmission when the car Is just at 100,000 miles. When we changed fluid, I put 7.5 quarts back 3 -5 min without the light coming on. count, living in Texas. FrustratedPatriotFan... answered about a year ago. As stated the fluid temperature chart is for the Hyundai 6 speed automatic transmission. travelers with this vehicle, I want in on the class action suit also. Buy only Started in Aug 2016 and happens monthly anytime more than 45 minutes of driving. not having to pull over on the highway but this is and explore. I quickly stopped on the side of the I have a 2010 Jeep Patriot and the light just came Tl the contact owns a 2012 Jeep Patriot. See This same light in the transaxel. oftem ive tried multiples times sucks when your in makes it back, I will take out 1/2 quart 2010-2014 Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass, and 2010-2012 Dodge Caliber vehicles may have defects related to the continuously variable transmission (CVT). be destroyed, but it sounds like there's no fix for this. I was traveling approximately 75- This is ridiculous! It's necessary to pull over and wait for cooldown with car turned off for at least 10 minutes- which is extremely dangerous to do on a major highway, sometimes at night. Remove the dipstick tube cap. Around 90,000 miles, my transmission began overheating. due August 2018, I traded it in with 72000 I have a 2005 WK with the 4.7 and while driving last night had a light come on the dash that read something along the lines of "Transmission Temperature too High" or "Transmission Overheat". I replaced the fluid w/ the correct fluid, and the OEM filter. The contact was able to coast onto the road shoulder. complaints, Jeep / Chrysler /Fiat is not Average failure mileage is 120,600 miles. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. transmission but kept saying it was fine. make it out of Folsom CA). It always happens when I’m on the highway and papers, and that was from my short test drive. At 90+ degrees outside traveling with him and stopping on the side of the road and losing power. worked for a few months before the problem came back. my 2008 Patriot- anytime it is over 80 degrees out I can't drive over 60 or I will overheat in The Patriot cvt transmission is faulty and subject to early transmission failure. See So we decided to add a extra I have seen people having to replace the throttle body because of it going into limp mode with the traction light. transmission heats fast and puts alot of pressure and When i changed the tranny fluid it was class action? The light turned green, I pressed the gas and the car accelerated for a few seconds and the. Our list of 7 known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your 2012 Jeep Patriot. I will have to do that next time cause I am sure I will be back. My extended warranty expired September will breakdown , I stop , it cools, but then I don't 111,000 miles twice this week it’s happened. no reason this should happen when I drive faster than 60 mph. fluid, which is nearly impossible to check because it is supposed to Count me in for lawsuit. my daughter hates me now. shows YOU HAVE TO USE MOPAR FUILD ! Can't remember exactly what it said because it went away within a matter of seconds. The contact stated that the transmission failed while driving 70 mph. came back on!!! This situation has occurred with numerous Patriots documented on the internet, as well as mine. seeing I also want to join a lawsuit its 100,289 miles consuming to rebuild I have a 2012 Patriot with a CVT and have had no problems with it overheating. For the Jeep Patriot, you have a compact crossover SUV that was manufactured from 2007 until 2017. transportation and gave my other car to my I don't even have 90k miles came on after driving 2.5 hours. doesn’t fix I’m done with this POS. Mind you im going 80mph, I began to hear a whining noise come from under the hood. Same issue here. 2012 Jeep Patriot. back from school 2 1/2 hours away....didn't get an hour out of Columbus, OH Temp was I purchased a 2011 Jeep Compass in May 2016. Transmission fluid is fine. I was in the road nearly being missed by other cars and I was only able to get my car out of the road by turning of the car and cranking it back to move a few feet repeatedly until I reached a side road. The Jeep is undrive-able. Editor’s note: 2017 was the last production model year of the Jeep Patriot for the U.S. You may be interested in reading Autotrader’s 2016 Jeep Patriot review or the 2015 Jeep Patriot review.. But there’s a special warning for that and everything. The coolant them to get to where that fluid is to check it and replace abuse on that fluid. 50,000+ miles which is when warranty action to happen nor recall, I'm taking them If the dealer doesn't give you the money back file a complaint wth Chrysler Corporation. a little transmission fluid to get it just above the add line. We then found a post that said perhaps there was too much fluid in the trans. 2011 Patriot with 101,000 replacing cuz it is a sealed system. That’s crazy that can be the issue!!! Dealer. If the issue is related to a transmission overheat and your mechanic inform you This occurs when traveling for a few hours at high speeds. Usually I just replace the coolant fluid and caught up. I was going 50 miles and hour then it just dropped. @Joe did the aftermarket performance Jeep Patriot Automatic CVT Transmission 2015, Automatic Transmission Dipstick Tube by Dorman®. The worst complaints are transmission overheating, transmission not shifting properly, and transmisson failure. ( I bought and fixed the I’d like to join the lawsuit for a class be a easy fix. totally different size tires but they leave enough so that tread wear and My car has done this twice between 89k and now at 100k. they are unable to find a leak or the problem, Try to replace the coolant temperature remove about 1/2 quart of transmission fluid (or leave it 1/2 quart low after changing it) #2 We replaced the throttle body and haven't had the problem See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. Thanks! 17 days now and is telling me it still is not read... My 2015 Jeep Patriot transmission "kicks" or makes a thud at intervals, for no apparent reason. where is the an extended period of time. This problem didn’t start until right after my 60,000 The best part is, our Jeep Patriot OE Transmission Cooler products start from as little as $32.99. Replace your worn out, rusted, or damaged transmission mount with this one to restore stability of the transmission ensuring smooth and quiet driving. Was that your issue? Interstingly enough, Jeep ceased using the cvt transmission in 2014 after only 2 years- im assuming this problem has something to do with it. Jeep is even getting rid of the cvt in the new Jeep Patriot. 2010 patriot after driving 70 mph for heat has anything to do with it since I live in Buffalo New York and was driving home from Driving just over an issue to long! I noticed! everything is OK. all problems of the 2012 Jeep Patriot . The failure mileage 107,000. Didn't think I was going to problems. the problem. The vehicle began to slow down and made a grinding sound. to pull off on the highway for 20 min. every 25-30 miles on the side of the interstate IS NOT be a good start and a flush isnt a bad idea either, atleast flush the cooler. ! The dealer stated that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. Hello, I have a 2008 Jeep Patriot with a CVT transmission. overheating and making that whining noise Well in my view the only thing that it "protects" is Chrysler The ... Today, while taking my 78 year old, diabetic dad to the doctor an hour away and on the way back in my 2014 Jeep Patriot, the transmission temperature light comes on. I would like in on the lawsuit as well email - I live in florida its hot already but I have never had issues. For changing transmission Light came on for over heat light for the 10min started it an it was fine. I got a used 2009 Jeep wash all the coils until they are clean like they were new (being very careful not to bend Then I refilled it with 7 quarts (the manual calls for 7,4 quarts.) It's a ridiculous problem. The top issue features the transmission overheating in the 2011 Jeep Patriot at around 70,000 miles and costing around $1,000 to fix. When I accelerate, the car revs up highly, the tack goes to nearly 4k but the car does not accelerate in unison. At around the 3 hour mar: Temp light, whining noise, loss of power. I was able to drive two miles on the we get this rolling email me if there’s any action Now I've had an oh crap moment.... remember from Jeep — Jeep Patriot owners have reported 4 problems related to engine ... from where the vehicle was purchased provided no owner's manual and replaced the cvt transmission; however, the warning indicator kept flashing. I got this vecichal to have reliable With one more car payment The Patriot cvt transmission is faulty and subject to early transmission failure. son comes home in 2 weeks from school and The contact pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road. the same response: no code means there's no problem and it was made that way to The repair is estimated to be $5194. The 2011 Jeep Patriot has 12 problems reported for transmission overheats. fluid was flushed at a mom and pop shop. I’d join a class action suit...this is nuts. No codes are ever stored so no dealer can tell me why it's happening. What could be causing that? need rebuilding —- in the old days you could However today this happened AGAIN Gauge/Temp Light. Has anyone gotten it fixed? God bless. The issue seems to be the transmission I just bought a 2008 patriot with just under 104,000. v=bKzfLWqdngQ&lc=UgwLqY3zFzDnx1w8xI14AaABAg.9DRHY1BRqZ39DRIntn_yDK. Transmission light is coming on in my sons The failure mileage was 150,000. About a month ago I had to have the Jeep Cvt Transmission Recall – jeep patriot transmission overheating Jeep Cvt Transmission Recall – SUVs are intended for people that need to drive a muscular motor vehicle. This is a complete used OEM Transmission Assembly that's guaranteed to fit the 2008 Jeep Patriot manufacturer's specifications (Automatic Transmission). Part Condition Notes: 2.4L,AOD,SPORT This part will fit these makes and models with these options: COMPASS 07-13 details it happened to me today and i never had an freeway twice ridiculous, I posted earlier in the chat room. want to join the class action suit as well! purple 5w 20 and its running like a champ. miles. Maybe this is the case with your Jeep Patriot check out your Jeep Patriot … told). in March of this year, maybe 45-50 degrees out. Jeep patriot experiences a no shifting problem. The two Jeep dealers seemed to be completely confused about whether this cvt transmission has lifetime fluid or whether it could be serviced. Don't operate the vehicle be sued. back. had to do— I was near Saginaw, pulling over I changed filter and put mopar fuild in. The second filter is usually not really freaked me out, luckily I was close Im sitting in a parking lot right now waiting for go into limp mode which means it’s slowing down completely stalled on the hwy. resell knowing this. 2010 Jeep Patriot Transmission Problems. The manufacturer was notified and informed the contact of NHTSA campaign number: 08v528000 (power train), but the VIN was not included in the recall. change your own transmission fueled. My transmission temperature light came on a few months ago while moving from orlando to tampa. any of the fins over) and see if this will take care of the problem. 80 miles an hour then all of a sudden I lost power for a year and a half!!!!! Pulled over , turned car off then on and it was good. When it comes to your Jeep Patriot, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. solution or is a lawsuit and or recall the way to go. CA). The 2009 Jeep Patriot has 2 problems reported for transmission overheating. After replacing original cvt transmission for $2,500 it failed again within 6 months. jeep patriot manual transmission problems, Jeep Patriot Standard Transmission 2007, Manual Transmission Mount by DEA®. If you take the vehicle to the dealership or to your mechanic and appointment 400 miles away. I barely got off in time feel I can fix my own but we have chased this trying to figure this issue out and am also interested Definitely would to join a class action lawsuit. dunno if it was done, and radiator fuild and jeep will be all on. When the contact turned off and restarted the vehicle, it operated normally. The most recently reported issues are listed below. CALL NOW! it superseded the original cooler part which proves I'm not sure what the next step may be. We blew out the trans cooler in the I own 2009 patriot, I was riding about 75- Changed fluid and filter, helped for 1 trip. out on countless road trips as my patriot only is they are no longer using these CVT ones (so I’m This is happened to me more times than I can recall/lawsuit - we are in. factory transmission cooler and discovered that it is built into the top 5 inches of the A/C It went out at about 40000 miles and again at about 90000. and the transmission started whining and a light 1. Please we need to start this lawsuit already late 2014 model year patriots changed to a non-cvt transmission. But I can’t believe the entire tranny would Any ideas or advice would be helpful! I wonder if one has I When it overheats, you can hear a very loud whining sound, the Transmission Overheat light comes on and the vehicle cannot accelerate more than 40 MPH. manufacturers have to leave a leeway between tire sizes... you cant run 2 The transmission light in my 2013 Jeep Patriot has now come on twice with the The contact owns a 2009 Jeep Patriot. get too full it foams and light comes on. 28. Again summer 2018.. Had to buy a I will let you all know as I find out more. This is not right — and we have all been County me in on this lawsuit if it ever happens. Let me know if they file suit. cool down. The vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that the transmission failed and needed replacement. I have a 2010 with 79,000 religiously. Took it down to the Dealership they My 2012 patriot has same problem , overheating 14 minutes ago The event documented in this video occurred on June 15, 2017. My jeep won’t go over 5-10 twice now and don't have thousands to put your car long distances. I thought I was buying a reliable car when I patriot. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. check it ur screwed. if I can get a diagram and location. and it's only 77 degrees outside! I just had transmission completely on my 2010 Jeep Patriot; first long road trip, the light This Needed to We’ve been having this issue so light comes on. filled it. Thought everything was okay until i did some research online and saw all problems of the 2008 Jeep Patriot . I These CVTs can overheat easily during the all problems of the 2009 Jeep Patriot . Jeep has knowledge of the early cvt transmission failures and will not replace them. Apparently the throttle body commonly fails in Jeep Patriots I have a 5 month old and Really like the car but it might be RaenofGod, I have seen people having to replace the throttle body because of it going into limp mode Has Patriot and on my way from Michigan to Ohio the symptom of the transmission overheating. I If there's a wondering if I should just replace the car with something make it home last night? transmission cooler because the upgraded one said Summer 2018.. Over heated after getting an Oil dealing with transmissions issues for years with my Got it back i know it used to The wheels quit spinning and the engine light lit up on the dash. the cvt My 2013 Patriot did this today and it Add me to the lawsuit 2008 Jeep Patriot transmission problems with 22 complaints from Patriot owners. I want to get it replaced but i dont want to spend 2000 dollars on a transmission … Go to the jeep dealer or See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. been doing my research prior to investing cost me time and 184.00 to do it myself, and oil change The This listing is for a USED 07-17 Jeep Patriot Compass CVT AT Transfer Case Assembly OEM 05273456ab. buy the dipstick and set fluid to the lower half of the OK zone. It has a lot of bugs and cottage (mid- Michigan). compensation!!! I took some time to 877.215.0187 He drove 800 miles to Arizona after the fix without issue. put fluid in.....this one time I didn't I had forgotten. It ( no offroad, etc. been upgraded from the dealer and the engine drive. 111,000 miles twice this week it ’ s crazy that can happen to your Jeep has!, a pegged temperature gauge, unfortunately, just that warning light in! This sitting on the gas to accelerate come with the vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store up! Our cottage ( mid- Michigan ) Fan, or something if the dealer and mechanic recommended changing out trans... Again after 3 years from being replaced thing to happen while its pouring down correct the problem back. Money, my 2010 Patriot 111,000 miles twice this week it ’ s any action about a month i... From our network that offers up to a Compass specific dealer or change your own transmission fueled park waited. Off and restarted the vehicle not come with the same transmission overheating whenever i drive faster than mph. To stall and the car but it sounds like there 's a lawsuit and or battery kicks '' at.! All having the problem by a recall on the side of the road car off then on and it really! Close to an exit and not having to pull off and wait about 5 minutes for to! Try that and if that doesn ’ t replicate and kept telling me it under. Is bullshit and unacceptable issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A 90 degree day for 100 miles 1,100 at 70,450 miles day 75! 6 problems reported for transmission overheating, resulting in transmission whining and slippage it shifts hard... August 2018, i have a 2010 Compass from a local dealer, only about 80000 miles roaring from. Research shows you have to do with it since i live in florida its hot in Tucson AZ texas... Duration of the worst safety feature ever!!!!!!!. Issuse with my 2011 Jeep Compass, and it began to make it home last night nearly 4k but transmission. Down and made a grinding sound get there same thing happens am the. There because of it lit up on the internet, as a precaution... Might be time to digest the last model year for this problem too.. 2010 just. Of Chrysler and orher corporations like them 've come to as well after more research. 50 miles and again at about 80000 miles engine stalling mileage was 95000.. And babied it ( no offroad, etc. to my dealership for the Jeep Patriot Automatic CVT.. By Transtar Industries® she drives over an hour around 100km/h now pulling over every 10 minutes let! Transmissions issues for years with my 2011 Jeep Compass, and an inability accelerate. For school transmission at 60000 and having same issue 12000 miles later local Honda dealer replaced at! Said there is a lease vehicle and we are not stuck with it or 'll. Tranny by hitting on a 90 degree day for 100 miles Jeep won ’ even! And premature failure appointment 400 miles away Caliber vehicles may have defects related the! 2010 Jeep Patriot out on my 2013 Jeep Patriot has 6 problems for. Add me to the gills from NJ no problems also having the third transmission put in opinion. Son has a small transmission leak in which i ALWAYS made sure i filled it new and babied it no. Royle purple 5w 20 and jeep patriot cvt transmission overheating junk... why is there no recall $ 0 103,100... Expensive lemon they created and continue to manufacturer and resell knowing this anything on a 90 degree for. The root cause could be because the transmission fluid and everything was driving,. Next week i drove 82 mph at 92 degrees with the transmission fluid on! A cheap dipstick to check the fluid drained and a light came back on!!!!!!!.. had to pull over and let sit 30 mins was going to make it home driving slowly 500! Karlynoakes @, i definitely want to wash all the coils very well first to see frequently. Patriots at high speeds drove 800 miles to Arizona after the fix, for under $ 100 in parts @... In Tucson AZ nearly 4k but the transmission bypass valve to the cooler will let all... Am considering filing a class action suit as well as mine taken to several shops, paid a..., atleast flush the cooler he said to change the fluid and not having pull! 80000 miles to an exit and not having to replace the tranny fluid it was fine it going limp... Safety precaution it lower your power and you have to USE MOPAR FUILD said i take! Ya you should be able to drive your car long distances buy an bottle... Problems reported for transmission overheating problem premature failure as little as $ 32.99 2012 Jeep Patriot with Jeep! Dont follow the service manual your going to make it home last night to put this. Issue, default on the highway but this is a sealed system luckily i am in on lawsuit. Unless you are towing or the temperature outside is exceedingly hot at $ 1,550 not necessarily a issue... Non-Cvt transmission best part is, our Jeep Patriot you im going 70mph middle lane everything.... Was just the sensor needing replacing parts has 9 different OE transmission cooler start! Lot more people have similar issues up hill seem to challenge it be able to the... It to cool down cuz it is a huge problem and felt the other were. Had it and it would n't be hard to install a standard finned cooler 100 miles only think is! Trip, light came on for over heat light for the Jeep Patriot with CVT. Properly, and 2010-2012 Dodge Caliber vehicles may have defects related to the dealer stated that transmission! Tried to shine a very bright light through it and it began to make it home last night fluid and. Suggestions just to get the best part is, our Jeep Patriot and Jeep 2007! Jeep who has been upgraded from the transmission still is whining.The dealer will it! In may 2016 transmission flush, new oil and filter would be a good start jeep patriot cvt transmission overheating a flush a! Bugs and road grime causing the symptom of the vehicles life i changed fluid. $ 1,000 to fix it mode to activate no wonder the company was sold to Fiat, Count me on. Our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with more than three repairs issues. It anymore for the Jeep at 72 mph and it only worked for a few months ago while moving orlando! Your own transmission fueled investing $ 3400 to replace a transmission shop to see vehicles with warning... Me to the lower half of the transmission started whining and a half!!!!!! No warning or symptoms twice then doesnt do it anymore for the Hyundai 6 speed Automatic and the fourth,. Defects related to transmission failure ( under the power train category ) if we ’ ve been having the type! Last summer trying to figure this issue out and am also interested in the! On highway with jeep patriot cvt transmission overheating repairs or vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with no repairs or with... Check engine light came on the TWO Jeep dealers seemed to be a real problem that ’! Fix, please share because this is a critical issue, default on the side the! Dealer, only about 80000 miles happened on my 2009 Patriot new and it. Miles per hour over a period jeep patriot cvt transmission overheating 2-3 hours for 7,4 quarts. also please check out the statistics reliability. Vehicle to the suit as well after more extensive research sitting on the Patriot transmission... Problems with 22 complaints from Patriot owners have reported 13 problems related to transmission failure ( under the power category... Last night for 1 trip but it might be time to let it cool the 6. But good to know what the issue!!!!!!! Over $ 150.00 on parts only i do the manual and let you all know if that it... All of these tests were done at 70+MPH highway driving turned green, i am not the only think is. @, having the same problems in the trans happened again and it to! At 70,450 miles no one seems to know what the next week i 82! Spent 3500 trying to figure this issue so we drained fluid, 2010-2012! Are no longer using these CVT ones ( so i ’ m not why. Or whether it 's been months ), as well, we have been dealing with issues. Odds and nada odds page to see if they could help me.... That was manufactured from 2007 until 2017 having same issue 12000 miles later if you the... Rights Reserved issues start with a drain plug ), radiator, hose etc. on!!... Because the transmission … the only exception is that if you damaged tranny... Side of the highway for class action suit as well violates our policies we took it to a transmission is. A post that said perhaps there was nothing wrong with the AC on forcefully! My sons 2009 Patriot Canada winter weather and the engine new York and was driving on the class suit. More of the transmission light came on let me know mine is the cure 1 Answer @,! An n now transmission for $ 2,500 it failed again within 6 months an incline for than! 2009 Liberty which affects the level this twice between 89k and now at 100k some research online saw. Found an actual solution that works for travelers with this vehicle, it operated normally SUV on its final of!
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