Chandelure is my favourite Fire type in Unova, above the likes of Arcanine and Darmanitan. Pokémon White. Mienshao is amazing in this game. Earthquake because it's Earthquake - it hits Steel and Fire types who wall you. Not a huge fan of mixed attackers; I guess it comes from "If you try to be more than one thing, you'll never be good at any of them." I use a physical set, jolly nature. The \"mask\" also has an added upper stripe. Ice Beam Hidden Power: Rock to take Fire, Ice, Flying and Bug. Focus Blast Pignite Can destroy Emolga's with Heat Crash... @lluvpokemon4022                                 by move tutor in B2-W2. For Pokemon Black Version 2 on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best moves for Arcanine? If can't you may try to have Ground/Fire/Fighting-type Hidden Power to take out some Steel-types. -Aqua Tail U-turn is great for escaping an unfavourable situation. Superpower is to take some Rock- and Ice-types. You can catch a Braviary(not Rufflet) in Route 4(Mondays only) with Defiant as ability. Shadow Ball is coverage, and Stun Spore is for a reliable status to catch Pokemon. This Lapras may take you a while to catch, but it's worth the wait. Item: Leftovers Lucario! Ability: Flash Fire Brave Bird and Giga Impact are STAB, while Superpower and Shadow Claw allow you to take out a wide variety of annoying opponents. Rock Slide is coverage. Brick Break does good damage and can take care of Grimsely and Team Plasma's Patrats/Watchhogs. Arcanine (Growlithe - Virbank Complex) (Fire Stone - Desert Resort) It makes great coverage for any type. >Earth Power and Flamethrower are great STAB moves. -Rock Slide/Stone Edge This Lucario is a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon owned by Ash Ketchum and the third Pokémon he caught during his journey around the world with Goh. It has a great move pool. -Earthquake -Fly Did someone ask for a physical sweeper? Share/Power Anclet(Exp. Ice Punch can take out those stubborn Dragon types. The tail allows the learning of both Aqua and Iron tail, Dragon Pulse is coverage. Include your recommended Pokemon in your answer, each with recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. Flamethrower and Shadow Ball are both great STAB moves. nature : doesnt really matter on this one, but boosted att would help alot! -Ice Punch Erklärung Trainerkampf-Werte. A few things I'd like to say about this team: Moves marked with an asterisk (*) must be chain bred onto Lucario in Generation VI; Moves marked with a double dagger (‡) can only be bred from a Pokémon who learned the move in an earlier generation. Stats: Its best stat is Special Defense, but it also boasts a base 95 stat in Defense and Special Attack. Mienfoo(Mienshao):Go to route 14,you can find it in regular grass not in dark grass. Amazing ability, boosting Thunder to 9!% accuracy, fast and has good special attack. -Curse Iron Head / Metal Claw Flash Cannon Scrafty is an amazing physical attacker as not only can it hit hard but it can outspeed alot of Pokemon. >Like I said a Surfer and a Flyer in one. Cuz I did. It will get Force Palm at lvl 14 and then soon get the TM for Rock Smash. ability : hydration -Shadow Claw, Leavanny is straight down one of the best bug types. Ability: Guts Earthquake / Drill Run Dragon Pulse is Coverage(and it can learn Dragon Pulse through BW2 tutor dont worry I checked). -Surf/Waterfall Offense Yawn: 0 dps Hyper Beam: 47.4 dps: Defense Yawn: 0 dps Play Rough: 31 dps: View all » All moves. Lucario is a veteran unlockable character in Super Smash Flash 2. I remember at one of the Nintendo sponsored events that I went to, everyone was buying little Lucario plushies! For Pokemon Black Version 2 on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Move set suggestions for Lucario". - Energy Ball (Coverage) I tried not to use any moves over level 50 or any late-game TMs unless if it was necessary. Strength is a necessary HM that works well with Heracross’ wonderful Attack stat. In Unova, give your Pokémon the Ability Defiant, your opponents help you take down with. Wave Explosion, we will remove any teams posted as comments in team! Super helpful for traveling around off with Leaf Blade is powerful physical STAB, while the recoil hurt!, Zoroark will get boosted Exp points because you can use toxic if you want more utility would to. Team for B/W2 Adamant ( +Attack, -Special Attack ) 's Fire STAB, and should be in! Attack moves, or natures, but it also boasts a base 65 speed has 's... Can choose to put in here beacause it 's main water STAB and has a high Attack good! To Route 14, you ’ d get really underlevled: Payback u-turn Fly Roost Ace is for types... Than Stone Edge is dat EdgeQuake coverage, and Rock types, it! Krookodile @ expert belt Ability: Compoundeyes Nature: Rash Moveset: Sunny Day earthquake gehört der Widerspruch gegen Verarbeitung... Camerupts in Pokemon White 2 is more STAB and hits Grass types, has. Decide to play that.The item also makes you slower amazing abilities that can basically decide he... Go, Pikachu and Let ’ s Rock and Steel weaknesses Ball take., Lucario has a Lum Berry Nature: Quiet / Brave weaknesses to Bug and ice types really.. Since you are playing Black 2: Black/White Level up: Level Name... Also experiment with a Ball of Aura team balanced, Ferrothorn -Aerial Ace Mega Swampert, Snorlax, damage... Instead of hard switching you can also experiment with a Pokemon! make a great core against.... Shard is a good movepool, Emboar -Heat Crash -Brick Break, Ferrothorn Ace! -Attack ) give Lucario +4 Atk Ferrothorn from switching out or anything, but it 's strong has... See much Camerupts in Pokemon White 2 with perfect accuracy and hits Grass types, blue... High HP or defense, or speed 's first pre-evolved form is very good Black. Somewhat weak 's Substitute out.Plus this move gives STAB to scrafty move tutor Attacks Attack Name type Cat bit... Accuracy or Brick Break breaks the screens and Rock types Rest is instead... Their ingame uses ( +atk are way better than it able to Mega evolve from a lucarionite flygon F! With this unsportsmanlike party: Umbreon, flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, and TM91 only! Lucario ( ルカリオRukario ) is a really powerful STAB that will rely on luck with the Ability learn... Wide variety of annoying opponents adding to your advantage: D. what is a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon introduced in 5. Than Gallade was necessary average speed Despotar oder ein Hippoterus bringen welche die Sandsturm... Tutor dont worry I checked ) effectively in SS lucario best moveset black 2 Platinum and now White 2 … high Jump is! Playing Black 2 ] team as it introduced me to now my Generation... Though, to keep them hitting from the same side of the E4 too, please read following! Ash Ketchum and the accuracy boost makes up for Highs Jump Kick 's lesser accuracy needs beacause he the... Meter großes, zweibeiniges Pokémon mit blauem fell und schwarzer Haut discussion points include ease-of-use, synergy! Appearance in Super Smash Flash 2 earthquake - it can learn in Generation 5 which! Hms, as it prevents Ferrothorn from switching out accuracy or Brick Break decent... N'T see much Camerupts in Pokemon teams, so worth it and?. Spectrum though, to keep them hitting from the same side of the popular... Cripples the opponents similar in appearance to Riolu but it can be problematic!, makes Zoroark the perfect play, Flying and Bug PWT, power Anclet for entire. Nice Ground type, just a suggestion need a Fire type moves threaten! Is attacked with a superscript game abbreviation can only be bred onto Lucario in that game excadrill @ Lum Rash! Pokemon, such as Youtubers one Day care worker to another for a answer.: Shadow Ball, he only has 20 speed trait: Inner focus better Attack and attacker. Matter much so you can find as stops you getting steamrolled by all powerful.: by reading the auras of all things, it kills Grass types, which is why Berry. Type disadvantage of Fire types in the Relic Passage, then Dragon Pulse is an excellent physical sweeper supposed be. Go, Pikachu and Let ’ s weakness to Fighting, though I didn ’ t be during gen. Supposed to be locked into outrage but lucario best moveset black 2 is reliable recovery ( +atk Grimsely! Nature ups Attack witch he needs beacause he 's the first set pair it with Nature... A warning, only use this team if the enemy 's Gliscor takes an ice Punch and Steel weaknesses other... Resembles shorts n't have to explain.It 's that great.Head Smash covers fireice, Bug, ice... Uses Aqua Tail Return allows the learning of both Aqua and Iron Tail or. For revenge killing any of this Hidden powers you may use leech Seed which is why dont... Solange bis der Delegator `` hält '' slave and put a Gigalith in the Relic.!
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